It's a mentality

Farmstyle isn't just a term to describe our frozen yogurt, it's a mindset we live out at Finnegan Frost. It represents a way of thinking, and eating. See, we believe that what you eat really matters. If you eat better, you feel better, look better, and live better. It's our mission to "get back to the farm." It's a notion that the stuff you eat is never finer than its ripest moment at the farm... Free from labs, processing, additives, freezers, and the like.

'Farmstyle' endeavors to bring back the old-fashioned values of locally farm-fresh. Seems like we all lost our way a bit, and forgot what delicious, clean eating is supposed to be. America was built on the back of honest farming—rich soil, clean air, sunshine, and nature's clock. Farmstyle is never losing sight of those simple ideals.

Real frozen yogurt is a small thing, but it means a lot to us.