Businessweek Bloomberg Businessweek
"We start with an organic base from a company in Oregon and churn it with organic fruits. For our chocolate, we source an organic Dutched cocoa from the Dominican Republic..."
TC Herald Tri-City Herald
"Don't bother asking for any candy toppings for your dish of frozen yogurt at Finnegan Frost. The new Richland shop that opens Saturday doesn't have any..."
KEPR19 KEPR19 - Grand Opening
RICHLAND, Wash. -- Everything is organic. Co-owner, Matt Kincaid explains, "No candy in here at all, no processed food, no refined sugar. It's a whole, natural way of eating..."
TC Journal of Business Tr-Cities Journal of Business
A new frozen yogurt shop has opened at 696 Gage Blvd. in Richland, next to Starbucks. The new shop Finnegan Frost sells all USDA-certified organic yogurt...