It's bigger than yogurt

Finnegan Frost not only represents unequaled frozen yogurt—it's a constant pursuit of core values that shapes the way we do business every day.

Local Farming
We believe in supporting and sustaining our local economy. We aim to source as much product as we can from area farms—it's good for our community. Food, like people, is better with personal attention, and quick travel. Keep it close to home.

Real Food
Sound like a no-brainer? We wish it were. Sadly, the capitalization of eating has "real food" under attack. Speed, size, shelf life, and cost have caused the quality of our food to decline in recent decades. "Real food" is grown naturally and minimally processed—as close to land-made as possible. If you wouldn't drink a glass of Polysorbate 80 or Red #40, don't allow it in your food.

Earth... As far as we know there's only one. Let's take care of it. Finnegan Frost is committed to renewable business, like our ink-free 100% compostable sugarcane pulp bowls, biodegradable birch wood and potato starch spoons, and sustainable napkins. Everything you use to enjoy the finest frozen yogurt on earth biodegrades in the ground in less than 30 days.

What goes around comes around. We live by farm-rules, and every farmer knows that to reap a good crop you have to sow good seed. Finnegan Frost is committed to sowing finances, time, and resources where it's needed most in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.