Country Vanilla
Original Tart

A timeless favorite, Finnegan Frost's Country Vanilla is anything but, well, "vanilla." We use organic whole pod, Grade A, vanilla beans for an unbeatably authentic taste. This country's founding pioneers didn't stand for imitation powders or extracts, and neither should you.

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized and cultured organic nonfat milk, organic evaporated cane juice, organic inulin prebiotic fiber, organic plant starch, organic carob seed gum, pectin, omega-3 algal oil, organic vanilla extract, natural flavors, vitamin D3.

NUTRITION: 80 calories per serving (1/2 cup). Carbohydrates: 18g. Total Fat: 0g. Sugars: 16g. Fiber: 1.5g. Protein: 3g. Omega-3 DHA: 10%. Calcium: 10%. Vitamin D: 10%. Vitamin C: 2%.